Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I just walked down the street with one of the Tegan and Sarahs. I think it was the Tegan. Because she was talking about a Sarah. She heard me yell about how I wanted bread in my mouth. She was holding a bag with a Chelsea Handler book in it. I didn't talk to her or anything, but this blog is making me sound like a creep.

It was because the True Colors tour is going on right by my house. My goal is to meet Rosie O'Donnel tonight and thus get the best myspace picture ever.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

lemme see-a n00ds

So, I saw Phantom Planet. It was amazing. We video blogged about it. Other than that my days are spend schoolin', whining about the schoolin', interning, thinking about quitting internin', yelling about boys, talking about boys, planing adventures, and what not. Today we frenched it up and went to a street fair. I got sick on an overpriced orange float and saw 1900s. Now I am chillin' watching television and looking for apartments. Sorry I don't blog enough. If you even read this.