Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lonesome Town

I got back from Ohio with ease. First time EVER. Ohio was fun(ish), I got to see some much needed friendly faces. I also ate, slept, and read most the whole time.

Natalie has left for a month, off to LA to rub elbows with the cute Canadian Jews. I'd very much like to visit her, but I am broke and have to go to dumb ole school. WHY DO I HAVE TO HAVE EDUCATION? It is so much more fun without it.

So far without her, I have napped and ate Chex Mix. This will probably be an everyday occurance now. Hah! But I decided I need to make a weekly routine. Atleast remember to do my homework and not be SUCH a lazy ass.

I hope to hang out with new friendsssss and Richard. Maybe Mallory. Maybe Brooke, my BFFZ will visit? I can only hope!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I am in Ohio for the week. 'Bout to take my sister on a day of buying whatever a Webkin is. Last night I chilled with Stefanie and Nicole. We were in Sephora for 2 hours. Fun times. I also got to see Arend, Mah Godbaybay, Gimps, and Jared. I miss friendssssssssss. And today, I woke up and ate a bagel. I can't afford no bagels in Chicago. Ahhh, the high life.

My sister knows all the words to some "money in my pocket" song by some "t-pain." So naturally I LOL all over the place and make her sing it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Ever Post

So I am a "blogger" now. I'll still keep that ole Livejournal, because I have grown accostumed to some people on it and being a creep. I be always creepin'. But this blog will be for all my serious business blogging. Like to tell you all that I got a splinter last night and was a man and cut it out myself. I am almost done with all my papers for school, only to be assigned more papers. Blahhhhhh. I am going to Ohio for a week. That should be pleasantly boring. Even though I'll miss out on tons of things here in Chicago. I'll get to see mah babiez.

Next time you see me Chicago I'll have a full set of teeth,

If I was 12 I'd be all up on the Naked Brothers Band.

As in I'd want to hold hands with them.