Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sleepy Craphead

It finally felt a little like Christmas when I went to my Grandma's house. Ate wayyyy too much.

I think I am slowly dying or at least my lungs are slowly just gonna implode.

It's okay though, because this picture exists:

I'm in Ohio until the 5th. Spendin' time with Natalie for New Year's. And then January goes balls to the wall with Roger visiting, a Jason with Redwalls show, and general fun times. Someone buy me a 30-day CTA pass.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


So I awoke, ate chips for breakfast and then headed out into the arctic tundra that is Chicago to get to the Megabus stop. Of course, the cta bus to get there took FOREVER so that started the panic attacks. And then I had to run in freezing-give-me-an-asthma-attack wind to the bus that was 30 minutes late anyway.

But, when I finally got on the bus, the driver was playing Dio! And then the Shaft theme song. And the couple in front of me are delightful and keep asking if I have enough room even though my hair is a friz windblown ball tranny mess, which I do have enough room bless them. The lady is also eating a party tray, they are living the dream. My day is starting to look up, knock on wood.

Off to Ohio.

A huge Macy's bag fell from the overhead compartment when I took this.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Today, my phone broke. It is like my first born child that grew up and got uncute died and I never got the chance to remind him that I loved him still.

I awoke to a call from Richard. I was all, "F it, I am still sleeping!" and put it to voicemail. I listened to that voicemail, something about hanging out. I got excited but still fell asleep, but not before I knocked the phone off my bed into a cup of water. I took the phone out of the water and foolishly thought it was okay and THEN I fell asleep. I awoke again to a angry black screened but still vibrating phone. It was dying.

So I decided to trek to the nearest verizon provider to see what I could do about my baby. They told me to put him in some rice. So I guess tomorrow I am gonna go get some rice. I guess that drys it out? And reactivated my old phone. MY OLD PHONE SUCKS. It is sooo hard to text and push any buttons and I am so upset.

So upset I decided to go to El Pollo Loco. Now I have queso sauce all over my bed.

In conclusion, I probably won't text much until a miracle shines down upon me and fixes my phone. Or I just get pissed and buy a new phone with money I don't have.

The train ride home smelled like vomit. It was awful.