Sunday, August 31, 2008

Taco Flavored Kisses

John is back. We spent the day, along with Sarah, walking around Wicker Park. I love John's apartment. Soooo jealous about it. We had some food and Dairy Queen. We looked at things we can't afford. But then we found a delightful basement shop where I made John buy me earrings, it is my new favorite place. That and Cosmo Beauty. Then we found a cool bookstore where Sarah got a book and a crabby clerk. At Dairy Queen, John got yelled at for saying, "Sex" around small children. To his credit, he didn't know some chillins were behind him. Tomorrow I might go to the beach or go thrifting aroung my 'hood.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bless This Mess

New apartment. This neighborhood is so weird! Everyone is friendly, it creeps me out. Come over?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My mom doesn't love me.

I promise to update this more, since Natalie will be away you can no longer rely on our videos to catch you up on the LOLs we be havin' all over the place.

I am moving. It is sucking. I just can't wait to settle in. I need more money. If I had money, I'd have stuff in my new apartment. Also, I'd 98% be going to France.

A few days ago, Natalie had to go to the hospital. Turned out to be a kidney infection. However, during the stay in the emergency room we managed to fill the place with our laughter. People were dying and in total discomfort, but we were constantly giggling at alot of nothing. The doctor even told us we were having too much fun.

Saw Joanna Newsom last night, it was a beautiful spectacle for the ears! Right when the show started I started to cry with held in laughter, because prior to the show I was treated to a Joanna impression of the FIRST SONG PLAYED. Natalie's parents are here, so that means Carnie gets made fun of alot. It is their 20th year of marriage, whoa baby. Natalie and I made then surprises.

Me and Chris Brown's baby.