Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sleepy Craphead

It finally felt a little like Christmas when I went to my Grandma's house. Ate wayyyy too much.

I think I am slowly dying or at least my lungs are slowly just gonna implode.

It's okay though, because this picture exists:

I'm in Ohio until the 5th. Spendin' time with Natalie for New Year's. And then January goes balls to the wall with Roger visiting, a Jason with Redwalls show, and general fun times. Someone buy me a 30-day CTA pass.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


So I awoke, ate chips for breakfast and then headed out into the arctic tundra that is Chicago to get to the Megabus stop. Of course, the cta bus to get there took FOREVER so that started the panic attacks. And then I had to run in freezing-give-me-an-asthma-attack wind to the bus that was 30 minutes late anyway.

But, when I finally got on the bus, the driver was playing Dio! And then the Shaft theme song. And the couple in front of me are delightful and keep asking if I have enough room even though my hair is a friz windblown ball tranny mess, which I do have enough room bless them. The lady is also eating a party tray, they are living the dream. My day is starting to look up, knock on wood.

Off to Ohio.

A huge Macy's bag fell from the overhead compartment when I took this.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Today, my phone broke. It is like my first born child that grew up and got uncute died and I never got the chance to remind him that I loved him still.

I awoke to a call from Richard. I was all, "F it, I am still sleeping!" and put it to voicemail. I listened to that voicemail, something about hanging out. I got excited but still fell asleep, but not before I knocked the phone off my bed into a cup of water. I took the phone out of the water and foolishly thought it was okay and THEN I fell asleep. I awoke again to a angry black screened but still vibrating phone. It was dying.

So I decided to trek to the nearest verizon provider to see what I could do about my baby. They told me to put him in some rice. So I guess tomorrow I am gonna go get some rice. I guess that drys it out? And reactivated my old phone. MY OLD PHONE SUCKS. It is sooo hard to text and push any buttons and I am so upset.

So upset I decided to go to El Pollo Loco. Now I have queso sauce all over my bed.

In conclusion, I probably won't text much until a miracle shines down upon me and fixes my phone. Or I just get pissed and buy a new phone with money I don't have.

The train ride home smelled like vomit. It was awful.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I have a burn and it is gettin' NASTAY.

And all my windows are drafty, sucking the heat and my life force out with the wind. Bullshit.

Thanksgiving was precious. I LOVE karaoke-ing. Specifically Kanye and Mandy Moore.

My birthday is soon. Holla!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 25

I wrote a stream of consciousness poem about starving babies today.

I'll be having a Burris Thanksgiving this weekend.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

First snow

A vision came to me in the night. Then I woke up and made this:

Then I met up with John to have a magical evening! First we went to this place called Aladin's. Tasty! Then we tried to find icecream(because we both agreed that eating ice cream is a winter event just as it is summer) but went the wrong way and found this bakery called Molly's Cupcakes. SO GOOD. It may beat Sweetcakes.

It snowed this whole time and was pretty.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

white lightning and wine

Natalie and I talk about boys like it is our job.

I hate Texas Roadhouse so much. Before I walked in I told my mom I wanted to leave, but NOOOO she has a coupon and needs her free peanuts to throw on the floor.

My sister wears more make-up than I do and she is SO moody. Time to never come home again after she is done with her awkward tween years...

If I don't get to France in the next two years I will explode...of sexual frustration...

I love babies.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I am such a poor blogger.

*Cutie boyz
*Changed my major to TV Writin'
*Halloween happened and I saw Conor Oberst, got called Miz Gorgeous, and saw a man's bare ass.
*Learned that at the right moment in time, Celine Dion is the best party soundtrack of all time.
*I am a "big ball of akward" and "8'o clock of THAT"

Now I am gonna TRY (and probably not do it and just go eat some chicken nuggets and watch Simpsons) and do homework before Natalie comes up to Chicago for more cutie boy adventures tomorrow.

Luv yew,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Jenny Lewis called me cute last Friday.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I just want to go to Conor Prairie. SO BAD.

And I have been listening to folkie music all day.

And today, my speech teacher told me I deliver speeches like a stand-up comic. He told me to be more professional for the class. F that noise. I should drop out and be a comic like my mom tells me to do. lololol

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I just put "Had a water bed" as a bullet point in the story of my life on the speech I am writing.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

roast beef sandwich

I love Lauren and Sonny. And El Pollo Loco, even though they laugh at the amount of taco things I get.

I'm still zitty, but I bought rings today.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Verdict

Soooo my classes all seem to be either totally awesome or okay. Which is good.

Beat Generation class: SO AWESOME. The teacher may be my favorite teacher ever and it is real cool learning about all these crazy drunken rich hobo authors.

Economics: SUCKS. but the teacher seems to know we hate it. So he is doing his best not to make it suck too bad. He does call us "gang" which I die a little bit inside everytime he does it. He reminds me of that Tim and Eric skit where they try to teach you how to break into Hollywood.

Movie-writin': AWESOME. The teacher is loud and cursey so naturally, I like her. And I am learning stuff and being creative and I love it.

Speech: Sounded like it sucks at first, but the teacher is crazy in a good way. I have it with Richard and it seems like it will be fun. I have to write the story of my life for it. Cue me talking about how I like animals dressed up as people, Jonas Brothers, and how one time an ostrich bit me for 10 minutes.

Marketing: THE TEACHER IS AWESOME. He was a bunch of punk bands, including one with Johnny Rotten. And he has all these crazy stories. But he also owns a record company, studio, and publishing company so he knows his stuff. And has an english accent

In other news. I live in the weirdest apartment ever. This rain needs to go away. I randomly fell asleep today, which was so weird. I keep having the weirdest days! I am almost convinced there are some kind of sprits in the apartment or following me. Hah.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Taco Flavored Kisses

John is back. We spent the day, along with Sarah, walking around Wicker Park. I love John's apartment. Soooo jealous about it. We had some food and Dairy Queen. We looked at things we can't afford. But then we found a delightful basement shop where I made John buy me earrings, it is my new favorite place. That and Cosmo Beauty. Then we found a cool bookstore where Sarah got a book and a crabby clerk. At Dairy Queen, John got yelled at for saying, "Sex" around small children. To his credit, he didn't know some chillins were behind him. Tomorrow I might go to the beach or go thrifting aroung my 'hood.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bless This Mess

New apartment. This neighborhood is so weird! Everyone is friendly, it creeps me out. Come over?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My mom doesn't love me.

I promise to update this more, since Natalie will be away you can no longer rely on our videos to catch you up on the LOLs we be havin' all over the place.

I am moving. It is sucking. I just can't wait to settle in. I need more money. If I had money, I'd have stuff in my new apartment. Also, I'd 98% be going to France.

A few days ago, Natalie had to go to the hospital. Turned out to be a kidney infection. However, during the stay in the emergency room we managed to fill the place with our laughter. People were dying and in total discomfort, but we were constantly giggling at alot of nothing. The doctor even told us we were having too much fun.

Saw Joanna Newsom last night, it was a beautiful spectacle for the ears! Right when the show started I started to cry with held in laughter, because prior to the show I was treated to a Joanna impression of the FIRST SONG PLAYED. Natalie's parents are here, so that means Carnie gets made fun of alot. It is their 20th year of marriage, whoa baby. Natalie and I made then surprises.

Me and Chris Brown's baby.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fell into the crocodile tour.

So, I am just gonna watch Lifetime movies on Youtube all night.

They are full of all-star casts and compelling story-lines!

Mostly I just sit and be mad that Fred Savage is an abusive boyfriend. But then Sally Jesse Rafael is the judge in the end. That Sally, always savin' dah day!

I miss John.

Lauren is coming over Friday with her wigs. THAT SHE DIDN'T TELL ME ABOUT UNTIL JUST NOW. Natalie and I are a little upset at her. But photoshoots will happen. All will be forgiven.

We almost saw an apartment today. We were the only white people for miles! Which isn't so bad, we just got called Whitey. And then got asked if we were lost and needed help several times. They were all so nice, but I think I'd rather live somewhere that I won't feel like everyone thinks I am lost.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

rolo tony brown town

Summer is sooooo good.

I've done tons o'fun stuff. Like buy too much crap, playing dress up, and yelling about things.

But today I lounged in a book store and hung out with some sailor boys.

Let dah good times role.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I just walked down the street with one of the Tegan and Sarahs. I think it was the Tegan. Because she was talking about a Sarah. She heard me yell about how I wanted bread in my mouth. She was holding a bag with a Chelsea Handler book in it. I didn't talk to her or anything, but this blog is making me sound like a creep.

It was because the True Colors tour is going on right by my house. My goal is to meet Rosie O'Donnel tonight and thus get the best myspace picture ever.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

lemme see-a n00ds

So, I saw Phantom Planet. It was amazing. We video blogged about it. Other than that my days are spend schoolin', whining about the schoolin', interning, thinking about quitting internin', yelling about boys, talking about boys, planing adventures, and what not. Today we frenched it up and went to a street fair. I got sick on an overpriced orange float and saw 1900s. Now I am chillin' watching television and looking for apartments. Sorry I don't blog enough. If you even read this.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

May the Sprits of the Earth Guide You!

Today was awesome. I am done with this first year of collage. Sold mah books, turned in some papers, took care of other errands. THEN! Natalie and I ate hotdogs with cheese and it was real good. THEN! We met up with Lauren and John, we went to Sweet Cakes. I loveeeee cupcakes. I'll miss John, he is leaving for the summer. Lauren, Natalie, and I then shopped around Wicker Park. Converted them to my favorite vintage store, we all loved it but we are too cheap. We took in a photo at Reckless, such a funny photobooth photo! Then we went to Target. haha I just love friendz and da city. Right now Natalie and I are watching Pocahantas. It is so good. Go Disney.

Tomorrow is Manifest, which means free food. Probably more Disney watching. Then Saturday, I go back to Ohio for sum funz.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Miss New Booty

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I've been too busy BONING OUT. Saw Rooney twice, saw M.I.A., made a new youtube account, and just have been generally enjoying life too much to sit down and relate it to people on the internet.

Here are so links to see some pictures and video.
*Video Blog:
*more videos:

This week will be freakin' out about finals I haven't been studing for and I hope the fun will continue. The next week I am going back to Ohio, chillin' wit mah peeps. Next weekend is hanging out in a parking lot with Phantom Planet.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Iron and Wine

Tuesday, I saw Iron and Wine with John. We stopped by this bakery beforehand. IT WAS SO CUTE and good. Bakeries are my new hobby. We got a carrot apricot cupcake and an elephant shaped cookie. They were both so darling and placed on an adorable plate. Seriously, it was like being in some fancy cute British movie, like that one where those two girls search for fairies. Only not disappointing.

We got to be in the front row for the show. The opening band was pretty cool, Califone, only spelled proper I bet. Then Iron and Wine came on and they were delightful! John and I want to make a much of noise on instruments together real soon because of it. I brought both cameras, but my "good" one totally crapped out on me so I used my old one. Oh well, they are good enough to be good memories!

Interning yesterday, I got the Singer CD, it is craze-ay. But good. I also sneezed a lot. Hello Springtime and dusty office with a puppy dog in it!

I am seeing the Cool Kids tomorrow, for free. Party!

***Blogger hasn't been able to upload my pictures, so just look at my flickr account geeez***

Saturday, April 19, 2008


The show was good! I had fun doing it. I want to do another! I got to be the talent wrangler instead of front of house, the bestttt.
Today I guess I am gonna do errands. Pssshhhh.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Natalie LOVES girls

Yesterday, I admitted to my New Mill class that I have JoBro problem. They support me in it. Then I went with Sonny and Richard to Target. We got CDs; them Mariah, me Phantom Planet. Then we headed to Belmont. I got my M.I.A. ticket. Then we walked all around Boystown. I am getting all my birthday cards at Gaymart now. hah We ate at The Chicago Diner, a vegan place. It was SO good. If i could afford it more, I'd be vegan. It's good and they have cute waiters there. We had Coldstone afterwards. Richard and I split a Love It. The music at Coldstone was Sonny's ideal playlist and danced/booty shaked in the window the whole time. Then Richard and I almost got caught up in a credit card scam, all because we wanted some free Subway. Then I went home and played it mellow.

Today I went shopping. And in the midst of a great "which color?" debate I ran into Richard, Sonny, and their friends again. Whenever I have a problem they show up, I love it. They like the dark purple cardigan with my new dress, but I must think some more before I make my purchase. Then we got Jamba Juice, soooooo good. I am spending to much money. I should probably get a job soon, but none of the ones I've found are any appealing.

Tonight is my NIU Memorial Concert, I am the sound check crew and Manager of the Front of House. I hope some people actually show up. Hah.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Toby Maquire

I had an eventful day! I went to class and made alot of jokes instead of sleeping with my eyes open. And promoted that show I am putting on. Then I go home to bit. THEN! I meet with some of my favorite people, Lola-Lauren and John. We go to this random building opening for free pizza. We were the only people there so we took this awkward tour of the place. Then didn't even eat the pizza because it looked gross. Hah! But then we talk alot, to the House of Blues to buy some tickets. Lots of laughs we had along the way. Mostly me air humping while talking about Taylor Locke and Joe Jonas. Then we sweated in line at the House of Blues, it was blazin' in derr. I hate the House of Blues, but what WOULDN'T I do for cutie boys in bands I liked when I was 13? Then we went to eat at Jimmy Johns, which is across the street from my apartment, but appearantly it is in some weird ass underground mall I had no idea was there this whole time living here. John aquires a drunk rich mother impression which was Lauren's "mom." SO FUNNY. We then talk in funny voices for better part of the rest of the day. We leave Lauren and buy Iron and Wine tickets. I am going back Thursday to buy M.I.A. tickets, sigh. We go shopping next, I found alot of cute stuff at Land of the Lost as well as a DIO POSTER!!!! and incest erotic novels, but alas! I only had a dollar. I then depart from John.

Then I went to class again. Which was good I guess. Watched Elvis and Bob Dylan stuff.

More funny stuff happened, but I am sure you are bored already.

Tomorrow I be internin' and maybe buy the Phantom Planet record. Oh and make some dumb mask that shows myself, what a stupid assignment. I am drawing something on a paper plate. Then Thursday, classes, M.I.A. ticket buying with Richard, then shopping.

My little sister has a website and it is REAL funny. I'll give you the link if you arn't a creep.

Anyway, this is too long.

I'll find a funny picture to attach.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I went to go see Prom Night and Smart People with Lola-Lauren. Prom Night was so much fun! So much screaming at the screen, it's our new hobby. Smart People wasn't bad, just longggg and kind of dull. But it made me forget the SCARIEST TRAILER OF ALL TIME: The Strangers for a while. SHIT. That movie looks so scary. We both had to shield our eyes from it. SO CREEPY.

I met with my advisor about classes. It was my teacher I have a weird goofy uncomfortable teacher crush on. But it was actually not uncomfortable talking to him about my classes. hahaha ANYWAY. Richard wants me to take Accounting 1 with him, BUT AT 8:30 IN THE GODDAMN MORNING. Needless to say, I need more convincing.

I went grocery shopping and paid bills. It sucks having to do it alone. Stupid adulthood and shit. But I got juice, because Natalie's bitch ass wasn't there for me to argue about which flavor to get. I miss dat cunt though. For realz.

I am all Phantom Planeting again...oh dang.

Well, time to procrastinate elsewhere.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I got another splinter. Natalie and I have a love child. Natalie Portman and I on the other hand, have a date with destiny. I'll choke a hoe.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Men make us giggle.

I hung out with Richard and Sonny all day today. We walked around touristy areas, laughed, ate Taco Bell, then wished we didn't eat Taco Bell, then made videos, then backcombed my hair, then went to the movies.

The backcombing...probably not the best idea we ever had. But for a while it looked real awesome. But, never again unless I got somewhere cool to go to.

It looked like this when I was trying to un-backcomb:

I looked WAY awesome before that though. hahahaha

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuff Ghost

If I do say so myself, I have been leaving pretty funny video facebook comments on Natalie's profile lately. hah I hope I can keep it up.

As for everything else, not bad. Alot of me time. Alot of report writing and not writing when I should be. Makin' new friendz. Which is always good. And reconnecting with old ones, even better.

I talked alot in both classes today. I think it was because I didn't sleep at all and when I am tired I tell everybody everything. Everything from what I think about Denmark, wedding dress shopping, and how I know everything that has ever happened or will happen. I also bought a gallon of 1% milk if you were wondering.

Well, thats it. I am boring.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lonesome Town

I got back from Ohio with ease. First time EVER. Ohio was fun(ish), I got to see some much needed friendly faces. I also ate, slept, and read most the whole time.

Natalie has left for a month, off to LA to rub elbows with the cute Canadian Jews. I'd very much like to visit her, but I am broke and have to go to dumb ole school. WHY DO I HAVE TO HAVE EDUCATION? It is so much more fun without it.

So far without her, I have napped and ate Chex Mix. This will probably be an everyday occurance now. Hah! But I decided I need to make a weekly routine. Atleast remember to do my homework and not be SUCH a lazy ass.

I hope to hang out with new friendsssss and Richard. Maybe Mallory. Maybe Brooke, my BFFZ will visit? I can only hope!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I am in Ohio for the week. 'Bout to take my sister on a day of buying whatever a Webkin is. Last night I chilled with Stefanie and Nicole. We were in Sephora for 2 hours. Fun times. I also got to see Arend, Mah Godbaybay, Gimps, and Jared. I miss friendssssssssss. And today, I woke up and ate a bagel. I can't afford no bagels in Chicago. Ahhh, the high life.

My sister knows all the words to some "money in my pocket" song by some "t-pain." So naturally I LOL all over the place and make her sing it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Ever Post

So I am a "blogger" now. I'll still keep that ole Livejournal, because I have grown accostumed to some people on it and being a creep. I be always creepin'. But this blog will be for all my serious business blogging. Like to tell you all that I got a splinter last night and was a man and cut it out myself. I am almost done with all my papers for school, only to be assigned more papers. Blahhhhhh. I am going to Ohio for a week. That should be pleasantly boring. Even though I'll miss out on tons of things here in Chicago. I'll get to see mah babiez.

Next time you see me Chicago I'll have a full set of teeth,

If I was 12 I'd be all up on the Naked Brothers Band.

As in I'd want to hold hands with them.