Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tell it to the volcano

I already know my favorite class. All we do is watch stuff and talk about it and then write made up stories. And the teacher is delightful and I awkwardly rode the bus with him most of the way home tonight. LOLZ

I got a haircut. I basically paid $15 for some lady to talk about JUST how damaged my hair is and ask if I "violently brush my hair" and get talked in to cutting off more and more inches. It is the shortest it has been since like, highschool. Still long but it feels short to me when I feel it up. I don't hate it at all. Shorter beats crazy ass split ends anyday. I just need to get used to it.

Got offered free donuts today and turned them down. What?

Got called "Lil' Sis" by some man on the street askin' how I was doing. I like my neighborhood sometimes.

Today was pretty okay.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Victorian Novels.

I always forget to blog.

Roger and Natalie came and went. That shit was fun. We ate food, played games indoors because it was too cold, bought wigs, you know chillaxed.

School has begun. First class will be interesting, I get to make a TV show. It is just hella long.

And I am skipping what will probably be my favorite class to go see Pico VS Island Trees this Wednesday. I am also skipping next Thursday's classes because I am going to New York City to dick around. Woooo.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Take Off Your Sunglasses

Jacque and I went to the secret (but not so secret since we knew about it) Sleeptalkers and Ezra Furman show. It was a pretty good time. Evanston is a cute little town. The bands were good. Jacque and I talked alot about recent cutie timez. After the show it was a full blown slumber party with McDonald's, pony tails, and conspiracy theories. And a new plan to go to France.

The next day I got to see John at Molly's. I missed him ever much so! We ate cupcakes and dived for records. I need a record player so I can buy nothing but Rolling Stone records and "Just Another Diamond Day" to listen to repeatedly. Oh I could buy them anyway and go to John's.

Roger comes in 3 days. I have some serious room cleaning to do today, but I already know I won't do it. I have no motivation yet, I will probably clean the day before he comes. It is the smarter idea anyway because I have been known to trash a room in only a few minutes. I will instead go buy the following for their arrival: toilet paper, hand soap, batteries, and candy (for me to eat right now.)

This may be the first blog in a long time that I didn't just blog to whine. Not positive though, I need to re-read what I just wrote.

The picture-postin' feature isn't working for me. Go to my flickr!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Woman timez

Went to Natalie's and had a pathetic but decent New Year's Eve. We vlogged about it.

Driving home, I have no idea how I got home. All I remember about the drive is The Strokes playing and thinking about James Franco.

Took my sister and one of her friends to see Bedtime Stories. I secretly liked it. Probably because it is a Disney production and I am havin' women timez which F's everything up. I like lame movies and cry for 20 minutes when my mom tells me she wants to throw away the television of my childhood. I told her it is my end table and I need it.

I leave Ohio on the 5th. 'Bout time, it's been kicking my ass. I have library books to return, people to apologize for being a sucky friend while away to, and things not to do up in Chicago. In a week or two Roger comes to visit me and Natalie will come up for it. Best time ever if I ever heard about one. Natalie and I are also seein' some shows. Gooooood timez.