Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tell it to the volcano

I already know my favorite class. All we do is watch stuff and talk about it and then write made up stories. And the teacher is delightful and I awkwardly rode the bus with him most of the way home tonight. LOLZ

I got a haircut. I basically paid $15 for some lady to talk about JUST how damaged my hair is and ask if I "violently brush my hair" and get talked in to cutting off more and more inches. It is the shortest it has been since like, highschool. Still long but it feels short to me when I feel it up. I don't hate it at all. Shorter beats crazy ass split ends anyday. I just need to get used to it.

Got offered free donuts today and turned them down. What?

Got called "Lil' Sis" by some man on the street askin' how I was doing. I like my neighborhood sometimes.

Today was pretty okay.

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